About me

I have been a passionate skier since my childhood. After a couple of years of hitting the slopes with my race skis and two years of snowboarding, I started my career as a freerider.
“If it catches you, it doesn’t let you go”

My idea was to become an athlete as well as a producer of freeride movies to be part of the creative process. In 2014, I released my first movie “Drawing Lines” which has been met with approval within the international and national scene of freeriding. More videos and impressions can be found under the navigation bar “feed”.


The following reel is a compilation of videos from the winter season 2017/18 and some highlights of the past years. In 2015, I had the chance to ski in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir/India.
“Filming is not easy at all – but it is fun”
This reel gives you an idea of the good times I had with great people who I can gladly call my friends. “Thanks to everyone for the great times we had while skiing during the past years. I am looking forward to more!”


Mario Gattinger
Freeriders Life – Bergsport
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