On the 3rd of Ferbruary I arrived in Gulmarg/Kashmir/India with the Freeriderslife Team for shooting a part of our new movie project!

After 30 hours of traveling we arrived at Srinagar Airport, in the north east of India. This place can’t have more differences to our austrian culture. A lot of people, with their traditional clothes walking at the street, a lot of cars without any traffic regulations – sometimes they drive on the right and sometimes they drive on the left side. For me it was just chaotic. But I think they have a system which nobody from an other country understands. In the middle of Srinagar its possible to run into a cow or into a group of streetdogs. I am looking forward to visit Srinagar again during our trip, to get more introduced into the indian respectively kashmirian culture. The residents of Gulmarg, where we live, told us that Kashmiri people are totaly different to the rest of the Indian people.

As we arrived in Gulmarg, we got a very nice accommodation, the Alpine Ridge. Very friendly people wich have an enormous hospitality. In every country, where I met poor people, I am so excited about their affabillity! Its an rarity to met such courteous people in an european country.

The first thing we recognized in Gulmarg was, that there were no women around. I think the population amounts to 95% men, 1% women and 4% Monkeys.

We spent our first skiing days in Gulmarg with hiking actions, shaping kickers and doing some nice treeruns in the birch forests over 3000m altitude. I am really looking forward to do do some heli flights with Kashmir Heliski. Due to the avalanche danger it was not possible to ski the alpine terrain in Gulmarg yet. But after the last snowfall on Saturday, I think the avy danger will get better and better in the nex 2 or 3 days.

Thanks to Kashmir Heliski for the really great support during our stay in Gulmarg. They showed us really nice places to ski – but I think we will discover many more beautiful places during our next 2,5 weeks.

Peace out to everybody!

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