Nun ist es soweit! FreeRidersLife Productions veröffentlicht seinen Film „Drawing Lines“. Unter der Produktion von Mario Gattinger verfilmte das junge Team ihr Erstlingswerk, während der Wintersaison 2013/14, in Österreich, Italien und Japan.




As a young Man awakens one morning, his life appears to him gray and doll. He feels, as if he is a slave to his circumstances and a prisoner in a desolate world. Distraught and unmotivated, he sits at his desk and begins drawing his dream world.

In his mind he imagines city. A city surrounded by mountains. He pictures a house full of free-riders, a solid community, sharing a common aim of living out their passion of skiing and snowboarding.

He illustrates his idea. It is now as if he was a part of this community. He accompanies the team during their activities and travels. He witnesses how thy push themselves to the limit, and feels the energy arising when they draw their tracks in the fresh snow.

As he is absorbed in thought, his environment turns slowly more and more colorful and vivid. One day there is a knock on the door. It is one of the free-riders, who invites him to go skiing – pen and drawing pad are now obsolete.


Title:                            Drawing Lines

Length:                       ca 35 minutes

Direction:                 Mario Gattinger and Lukas Krec

Actors:                        Mario Gattinger, Jochen Mesle, Bernhard Braun, Patrick Gstrein, Verena Fendl, Felix Gattinger, Julian Zenzmaier, Tim van Rossum, David Stock, Sabine Schipflinger, Daniel Ziemer,

Also Featured by:      Michael Praxmarer, Johannes Praxmarer, Xaver Kröll, Tobias Hagn,

Production:                 FreeRidersLife

Production Country:  Austria, Italy, Japan

Camera:                      Peter Moser, Stefan Mahlknecht, Lukas Krec, Tobias Hagn, Xaver Kröll,

Edited by:                   Lukas Krec

Painter:                       Maximilan Bork


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